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  • All Mass Suspended

    • Sunday: 9:00 AM EnglishEnglishEN St. Edmund 11:00 AM EnglishEnglishEN St. Carthagh
    • Saturday: 5:00 PM EnglishEnglishEN St. Carthagh
  • Province Wide Shutdown

    Regular Sunday services will be shut down starting from Saturday, Dec. 26 until further notice.
  • Confession Times

    • Sunday: 10:30 AM to 11:00 AM Suspended until further notice
  • Where to Find St. Carthagh's, Tweed, Ontario

  • Mission Statement

    With grateful hearts for God’s grace of one faith, one baptism, one hope and one Lord Jesus Christ, the  Good News of God’s unconditional love for all, we stand united as a community of God’s people in the  Archdiocese of Kingston. Conscious of our equality in God’s eyes and His personal love for us and  imbued with the evangelical zeal of our patrons and Mary, the Mother of the Church, we reflect God’s  goodness in our community and in our dealings with others. Guided by the Spirit and assisted by prayer  and the Sacraments, we strive to deepen our personal relationship with Christ Jesus and to share him  with others.

  • Saint of the Day

    Blessed Giuseppe Giaccardo
    Oldest of five children born to farm workers Stefano and Maria Cagna; his mother was devoted to Our Lady of the Rosary. When financial troubles hit, his father worked as a butcher and sacristan, and Giuseppe spent his early years in a house adjacent to his parish church; at one point he served as an altar boy for Blessed Giacomo Alberione, his future superior. Giuseppe early felt a call to the priesthood, and began his studies in October 1908; he was known as an exceptional student in seminary. Drafted into the army on 22 January 1915, he worked in a medical unit and later said that the locations of his military assignments put a severe test to his vows of chastity. He was released from service on 7 January 1916 due to chronic anemia, and returned to seminary where he spent his spare time tutoring other students.
    Father Alberione wanted the young seminarian to work with him in his new Society of Saint Paul, but Giuseppe was informed that he could only remain a cleric if he stayed in seminary. He joined the Society on 7 April 1917, trained and supervised student printers, edited and proofread books and periodicals, all the while continuing his studies. Ordained on 19 October 1919, the first professed priest in the Society.
    As the Society continued to grow, so did Guiseppi’s work load. He was noted within the Society for spreading the word of the Faith and of the Church’s stance against the Facism that was coming to power in Italy; he was also known for his lack of administrative and financial skills, which often put him at odds with Father Alberione and dealing with overdue bills. Still, his devotion was so powerful that Father Alberione assigned Father Giuseppe to found the Society‘s first house in Rome, Italy.
    In July 1927, Don Giaccardo managed to purchase a old vineyard from the Benedictines; the barn was transformed into a chapel, the winery to print shop, and the farm house into improved quarters for the Society; it became a central point for training, study and spiritual formation of new members of the Society. Father Giuseppe was made superior in Rome in 1932. He saw all history as being centered on Christ, and encouraged members of the Society to use all forms of media to spread the Faith